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Girlfriend Experiences in Manchester

An Escort Appointment With a Difference

When it comes to hiring an escort, more and more Manchester men are opting for girlfriend experiences.

Do you want to enjoy some romantic dates with a gorgeous girl without committing to a relationship? Then you should think about hiring an escort! The girls at Manchester Elite offer an incredible girlfriend experience, and guys all over the city just can’t get enough. Here’s everything you need to know.

About a GFE

Let’s get things started by answering one very pressing question. What exactly is a girlfriend experience? The GFE, as it is more commonly known, is a type of escort service that focuses on romance as well as physical intimacy. You’ll cuddle, flirt and just spend time getting to know each other. So, in other words, just like a normal date! Of course, all escorts make the effort to please their clients, but a girlfriend experience date is much more about forging an emotional connection.

A typical appointment

So what does a typical GFE date with an escort look like? Well, lots of men like to book a GFE escort for an overnight stay, so they can make the most of the romantic, unhurried service. Perhaps you’ll take your escort out for a romantic dinner at one of the best restaurants in Manchester? You could then follow that with a night in a five star hotel. There’s no rush or pressure with a GFE, so you can spend your evening doing the things that you love without having to keep your eye on the clock.

The dream girlfriend

A GFE provides you with all the benefits of a girlfriend but with none of the hassle! So you can enjoy dates with a woman you’ve got a genuine connection with, but without any pressure to commit or keep to a regular dating schedule. So it’s a great option for men who are too busy to hold down a relationship but still want to enjoy more than a mindless fling. You’ll find that GFE dates are really popular with high-flying Manchester businessmen for this reason.

Be yourself

An escort specialising in girlfriend experiences will be caring and attentive, and will focus on a client’s emotional well-being as much as his physical satisfaction. So you can open up to her with complete confidence. The Manchester Elite escorts are highly experienced, and they won’t be shocked by anything that you want to try out in the bedroom. Just like a regular girlfriend would, she’ll work with you to make your dreams come true.

Only hire the best

If you are going to treat yourself to a girlfriend experience, then make sure that you book with the best agency in the city. Manchester Elite have established themselves as the escort agency of choice for discerning gentlemen, especially when it comes to the girlfriend experience. Their carefully selected escorts are discreet, professional and highly skilled. So you can look forward to the date of a lifetime.

A hot girlfriend awaits!

Are you tempted to treat yourself? Go on, there’s no reason not to! With girls available all over the city, Manchester Elite are the number one choice when it comes to girlfriend experiences in the area. Whatever the occasion, a night with a beautiful escort will leave you feeling like a whole new man.

La Belle Affaire escort

Looking For A Classy Escort?

Marlene-Sultry-Blonde-VIP-CompanionOnly Book The Best

When it comes to finding the classiest escorts in London, La Belle Affaire should be your number one choice.

Looking for a classy woman to spend the evening with in London? Then you should hire an escort. Now, we know what you’re thinking. Escorts and classy aren’t two words that you often hear together. That seedy reputation is just a misconception though. The best escorts in the capital are witty, charming and elegant – a far cry from your stereotypical image of an escort in her fishnet tights and thigh high boots. So if you’re looking for a classy escort, then where should you be heading? Well at La Belle Affaire you’ll find the most elite escorts in London.

Stylish, never seedy

All too often you’ll see escorts in outfits that leave very little to the imagination, and which would attract exactly the wrong kind of attention if you stepped out together. For many men, the fear that their escort will give the game away thanks to her skimpy clothes is something that holds them back from hiring one. The escorts at La Belle Affaire are always dressed elegantly, and will never embarrass you because of what they are wearing. Remember, you can request that they wear something particular too!

Discreet and professional

The classiest escorts in London are the most discreet. When you book with an agency like La Bella Affaire, you can be sure that the details of your date will be handled with the strictest sensitivity and confidentiality. The agency will never share your personal information with a third party, your escort will arrive for your date discreetly, and afterwards she’ll be sure to keep her lips firmly sealed about your time together. So you can rest assured that no one need know that you’ve been hiring escorts – unless you want to tell them of course!


A truly classy escort can adapt to any situation. Need a plus one for an important event at a top London hotel? Then you’ll be in safe hands with one of the best escorts in the business. She’ll look incredible, handle small talk with ease and will fit right in with London’s elite. They love to party too – and because they’re so classy and elegant, you’ll have no trouble getting into London’s most exclusive clubs. Whatever the occasion, a La Belle Affaire girl will more than rise to it.

Always opt for an agency

If you want to be sure that you’re hiring a high-class escort, then you should always book with an agency. The best agencies in town only take on the most beautiful girls, and then they train them in not only the art of seduction, but how to act with decorum and discretion. They’re also healthy and legally allowed to work here in the UK – which is a concern for many men when hiring an escort. If you want to be able to book with complete confidence, an escort from La Belle Affaire is the way to go.

Go on, treat yourself!

You’d be surprised at how many men are hiring high class escorts in London. Thanks to the discretion of those escorts, it’s the best kept secret in town! So if you’re looking for a beautiful woman to spend time with in London this summer, why not pick up the phone and see what all the fuss is about?