How To Stay Safe With Escorts

Undoubtedly, when meeting anyone that you’ve never met before, you’re always going to be taking a risk. When that meeting might include something more than just PG13 activities, it’s worth taking a few extra steps in order to keep yourself safe. Whilst some steps might seem basic, there might be some things that you haven’t thought of, but all of these steps are worth considering in order to ensure that the night goes smoothly.

The obvious one? Let someone know where you’re headed to. You don’t have to share the night’s itinerary if you don’t feel comfortable; claim a tinder date, a long lost friend you met on the internet, or whatever bizarre excuse you can think of – but it’s always worth letting somebody know that you’re going to be in a certain place if you’re headed off to an outcall. Alternatively, remember that it’s always safer to book through an agency than it is to book through an independent escort; you have more comeback if anything goes wrong, and there’s a clear record of your booking.

Another fairly obvious one, but one that you might think that your escort would have covered – bring your own condoms. Although it’s highly likely that any reputable escort will already have this more than covered, it’s definitely worth throwing some in your pocket, wallet, bag or purse to be on the safe side. On the whole – if your escort doesn’t have condoms or doesn’t instantly insist on using them this should be a red flag with regards to safety anyway, but at least if you know you have some condoms you can ensure safe sex for both parties involved.

Safety in a different way – but for financial security, make sure that you pay your escort upon arrival. Traditionally, the payment is often expected within the first ten minutes, but the point is; where it’s avoidable don’t pay online by credit card. For every legitimate company out there, there’s a company that’s willing to completely rip you off, and whilst you’d hope the escort agency you pick wouldn’t be one of those, when it comes to the amount of money being transferred, it’s always better to keep payments as secure as possible. Paying escorts in cash on arrival not only ensures they get the entirety of the money that you pay, it also ensures that you’re going to get the return for your money that you expected.

Overall, for safety with escorts, the main tip is just to be sensible. Treat escorts in Canary Wharf like any other business, and if something seems like a risk – don’t opt for it. Modst escort agencies are completely legitimate, and any bookings will go through without a hitch, but there’s really no point in taking any unnecessary risks if they can be avoided. Carry condoms, don’t part with your money online and let your friends know you’ll be swinging around a particular hotel for a drink in a few hours – it’s always definitely better to be safe than sorry.